Last Sunday we finally went to Brunche’s. I have been wanting to go there for a long time, and even more, after one of my friend told me that the pancakes are amazing.

We had a reservation at 8:30 am and if you want to go there you should definitely make a reservation otherwise, you will not find a place.

I ordered the Red Velvet pancakes with mascarpone and Nutella and a cappuccino, while my boyfriend ordered a cup of hot cocoa made with Nutella and an omelette with goat cheese, mushrooms, and ham.
The price of each food is always around 100kč but you get a big portion, I couldn’t even finish the pancakes.

The hot cocoa was amazing, I literally fell in love and I also loved the pancakes. My boyfriend helped me to finish them because it was too much for me, and even if I don’t like eggs his omelette was fabulous, I advise you to get it and to add the goat cheese!

My only complaint is that at 9:15 started arriving other people that had a reservation, which means that there are people standing near you and waiting for you to finish your breakfast. I think that the stuff of Brunche’s should inform the customers while they are doing a reservation that they can stay there just for 45 minutes.

One last info for you: if you would like to make a reservation you can find them on Instagram and write them here, or find their number online.

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