Kult Cafe

Coffee is one of my favorite drink and I am always looking for a place where to get a good cup of coffee, which means that I will recommend you some places in Brno where to go for an espresso or a cappuccino.

The first time I went to Kult Cafe it was with my boyfriend and we went there in the evening to study. I got an espresso Tonic and I really liked it, even my boyfriend loved it and it was his first time trying it.
We went there again for breakfast and that was what made me love this place. I got two toast with camembert and marmalade and a cappuccino, while he got eggs and a cup of tea. Everything was amazing for such a nice price!

I would absolutely go there again for breakfast or just for a quick cappuccino. Their coffee is perfect, it isn´t too bitter but it has a strong and good flavour.
And last but not least: the pies, the cakes and the breakfast are made by the stuff so you will not get something that was in the fridge for a week.

The photos belongs to http://kultcafe.cz/kavarna/

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