I have walked passed Lloyd’s so many times. The name initially made me think about the typical English pub and through the windows, you can’t really see the inside. From the little, you can see your mind will definitely imagine it as an old pub.

I have been ranting about wanting a hotdog for the entire week, which led my boyfriend taking me to Lloyd’s for their lunch menu. They had 4 options and one of them was a hotdog.

I was really curious to see how the restaurant looks and it is captivating. The restaurant has the vibe of a pub, the paintings and the decoration are simple but at the same time meticulous, and this mix creates a good restaurant and it’s perfect for every occasion: a quick lunch during the week, a lunch during the weekend with your family (even if they are more demanding they will like the place) or also a more romantic dinner with your other half.

The hotdog that I had for lunch was great. As I said before, they usually have four options and each option has a different price, the cheaper costs around 99CZK and it can go up to 140CZK, which is a fair price for what you get. And if you order a beverage it will be cheaper with the lunch menu.

I have gone to Lloyd’s two more times: one time with the family of my partner, and the second time just with him for dinner.

They have a lot of different dishes. I tried their Big Boy burger which has EVERYTHING in it and even if it was enormous I managed to eat it. The rest of the family tried other things and everybody was satisfied. The prices aren’t low, some things are cheaper than others, but the quality of the food and of the service is high, so the prices are justified.

Lloyd’s sometimes create a special menu for one week that they add to their regular one. The week I and my partner went there for dinner there was the Slaughter Week, which means that the main ingredient was the meat. I can’t even describe how good my burger was. My other half said that the goulash was also amazing, but I hadn’t had the possibility to try it because he just ate it too fast!

This Monday hey will have the Mexican Week and If you were wondering if you should check Lloyd’s just do it this week, I’m sure it will be spectacular.

The photos were kindly sent by the stuff of Lloyd’s.

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